A Four-Step Guarantee

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A Four-Step Guarantee

Urban Teacher Center (UTC) believes schools and districts need a guarantee: Before teachers are certified, they can demonstrate their ability to improve student performance. Building on lessons learned from other innovative teacher preparation programs, UTC accelerates student achievement in the nation’s highest-need schools by recruiting outstanding teacher candidates, equipping them with state-of-the-art training, and linking certification to student performance results.

To graduate and be certified, UTC participants must successfully complete three rigorous gateways, each designed to ensure teacher effectiveness:

Candidates are accepted into the program only after they demonstrate a track record of leadership and academic success.

 Gate One: Placement            
Candidates are placed as first-year teachers only if they meet clinical performance and professionalism expectations.

 Gate Two: Master's Degree   
Candidates receive their master's degree only after successful coursework completion.

 Gate Three: Certification       
Candidates attain their teacher certification in general and special education only when they have demonstrated effective teaching as measured by student achievement gains, clinical performance and professionalism.

We hold a high bar for our new teachers and believe others should as well. In time, we expect to see UTC graduates among the most expert and results-oriented teachers in the nation.

Learn more about how we partner with schools and districts to ensure student success.

“[My resident] has made a huge impact on the students this year. She works relentlessly to meet the needs of students. She reflects on her work and actively seeks to improve. She also implements projects and ideas from her [UTC] classes in a way that positively impacts our classroom.” – UTC Host Teacher