Accountability Model

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Accountability Model

Urban Teacher Center (UTC) believes that every teacher preparation program should take responsibility for the effectiveness of its graduates. We take this commitment seriously. To advance through the program and earn certification, UTC teachers must demonstrate effectiveness in several areas. 

 1. Content and Pedagogical Knowledge: 

  • We only accept teacher candidates who have a strong academic record and who have passed the Praxis I exam.
  • Residents must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in UTC’s rigorous clinical coursework, and cannot receive a grade below a B- in any course.
  • Residents must pass the Praxis II exam in their content area by the end of their first year.

 2. Clinical Practice: 

  • Residents must demonstrate effective practice according to a UTC-designed rubric that reflects the core skills and practices we believe every effective teacher should demonstrate.
  • In their first year, residents must score above UTC’s minimum standard of emerging competence.
  • During each subsequent year, residents are expected to improve their performance and meet increasing standards, moving from emerging competence to effective teacher.

 3. Student Achievement: 

  • During their first two years as teachers of record, UTC fellows administer a nationally normed assessment to their students at the start and end of the school year. By the end of their second year as a teacher of record, fellows are expected to have demonstrated their ability to improve student learning. 

 4. Professionalism 

  • Residents and fellows are expected to act professionally at all times.